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Pure mountain air, the unique nature, sandy beach which was stretched along seacoast on 4,5 km, an unusual architectural complex create fine conditions for rest and improvement of the child in the All-Russia children's centre "Eaglet".


According to children, "Orlenok" is a planet of the childhood, friendship, dream... Here they learn to organise interesting affairs, to embody in a reality the ideas, study in mutual understanding. "Orlenok" are competitions, games, songs at a fire...

"Orlenok" accepts children from all regions of Russia, and also near and far abroad. In the Center can place 2 500 children in the summer and nearby - 800 winter.

The territory of "Orlenok" makes more than 300 hectares. The climate in "Orlenok" basically is defined by warm Black sea and is closest to the subtropical.

"Orlenok" - the children's centre accepting all-the-year-round on rest and improvement of teenagers of 11-15 years, duration of change 21 day.


The centre is located at the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar territory, in a picturesque bay in 45 km to the north of a city of Tuapse. In 105 km from the airport of Krasnodar, in 50 km from Tuapse, in 100 metres from the sea.


All-the-year-round camps: "Zvezniy", "Stremitilniy", "Stormovoi" - separate three- and four-storeyed buildings.

Summer camps: "Solnechniy", "Dozorniy", "Komsomolskiy" - summer small houses and cottages; "Olympic" - the modern building.image008.jpg

Camps "Solnechniy", "Komsomolskiy are located directly by the sea and are presented by cosy brick and wooden small houses. Cottages of young frontier guards of camp  "Dozorniy" settle down among shady trees of a woody hill. On the top of wich stays the real boundary tower. Summer camp "Olympic" is a building located on a height from which the fascinating kind on wide sea open spaces opens.

All-the-year-round camps  "Zvezdniy", "Stremitilniy" are similar, as twins, their buildings remind snow-white sea liners. The three-storyed building of camp  "Stormovoi" is located directly on seacoast and has especially original architecture - it reminds the ship which has directed in ocean.

Each camp has the area of rulers, the sports and scenic platforms, a dining room and a first-aid post.

10-12 local rooms (beds, cases, a table, chairs). A shower and a toilet - on a floor, the TV - in a hall. Damp cleaning of rooms 2 times a day is carried out by children under the schedule, bed-clothes change - once a week.


Five-times - in a camp dining room, with rich assortment of vegetables and fruit on a season. The menu in children's centre "Orlenok" corresponds to all requirements to a children's food. Provided special dietary food for children, but spesial food for chidren suffering by chronic diseases is not provided. On a table cover groups of children on duty, ware everyone cleans behind itself.

Health services:

 The health services in "Orlenok" are conducted by professional children's doctors. Physical examinations, and at necessity - out-patient and hospitalisation, sanitation and treatment of a teeth is provided. The health service is presented by Management of health protection of children which consists of a medicosanitary part, the first-aid posts located in each of seven children's camps, in the Palace of culture and sports, at school.



There is all necessary for sports events:

  • Swimming pool of the Palace of culture and sports
  • Shooting shooting gallery
  • Stadium
  • Training and sports halls
  • Volleyball and basketball platforms


Driving on surfings and catamarans is also organised.

Infrastructure of "Orlenok":

  • Seven children's camps
  • Athletic fields
  • Stadium "Youth"
  • Palace of culture and sports
  • The aircraft and astronautics house
  • Astronomical observatory
  • Children's fire-technical exhibition
  • Open platform "Festival"
  • TV and Radio Center
  • Library
  • School
  • The medical case
  • The reception case
  • Shop of souvenirs
  • Nurseries of cafe
  • The equipped sandy beaches

The cost includes :

  • a meeting, placing in "Orlenok",
  • residing at chosen camp,
  • 5 times meals,
  • health services,
  • maintenance of educational programs,
  • one excursion trip (Krasnodar, Novorossisk, Tuapse),
  • employment on an additional education, excursions in the aircraft and astronautics House,  an observatory, a children's fire-technical exhibition, a showroom of the centre,
  • sea bathings, bathing in pool (depending on weather conditions),
  • employment in mugs,
  • studies at school,
  • sports activities,
  • musical employment, employment by dances,
  • using library, including, a reading room, methodical library,
  • the entertaining program.


There is a great possibility to be engaged in various activities:

autobusiness, aircraft modelling, bases of computer literacy, young pilots, parachute preparation, bullet shooting, entertaining astronomy, astronomy and astronautics, secrets of space, a decorative embroidery, painting by threads (gobelin), a toy-souvenir, a decorative list on a stone and a tree, the nature and creativity (application from corn sheet), flowers from a fabric.


Additional services:

  • long-distance telephone and cable services,
  • souvenir and confectionery production,
  • excursions (Gelendzhik; the Museum complex «Small earth»; Krasnodar, the state istoriko-archaeological museum; the Krasnodar art museum of F.A.Kovalenko, the  Hot Key (nature sanctuaries, etc.),
  • trips to theatre, circus, a delphinarium, an aquapark (under the separate program),
  • walks on a boat, a catamaran,
  • photoservices: camera hire, development, the press, individual photographing.


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